I was born in Aspen Colorado and I started scuba diving when I was twelve.  I became a dive instructor by the time I was eighteen.  I was teaching in Colorado in the local lakes and I also taught ice diving there.  When I turned twenty-one I thought it might be nicer to dive in a warmer climate so I moved the British Virgin Isles where I lived for ten years.  During my time in  the BVI, I worked for one employer and became the captain and engineer of the largest sailing trimaran in the world.  After 10 years with the trimaran my boss  went in to partnership with an Ecuadorian company and asked me to take one of the boats in his fleet through the Panama Canal and on to the Galapagos.   The Galapagos was great diving and I spent a year there teaching the locals how to run a charter operation. 

    After my time in the BVI, I went to a maritime college in Fort Lauderdale to upgrade my USCG Captains license and my USCG Engineers license.  After school I moved on to running motor yachts and I have been on them ever since.

    For two years I taught at a local maritime college and I was the first American to be approved by the UK MCA to teach ARPA, ECDIS, Navigation and Radar.  Teaching is something I really enjoy doing.  Several of my first officers have gone on to be great captains after their time with me.  Safety is very important to me and so is teaching the crew about safety and on my last boat we ran daily safety drills with small groups so not to interrupt the daily routine.

    In my spare time I enjoy swimming, spinning, cooking, BBQ, computers and being with my family.